iVIEW DVR Firmware Update

Update 4/1/2012

Firmware files can be installed locally or over the network.
To do a firmware upgrade / downgrade  go to:

Menu >> Main Menu >> Utilities >> Upgrade… >> Select Firmware (((PDF Instructions))

NV Series Model# Version# Remark
NV-4 Pro NV-4 Pro NA NA
NV-16 Pro NV-16 Pro NA NA
SD MP Series Model# Version# Remark
SD-4 Pro SD-4 NA NA
SD-28 Pro Hybrid SD-28 Hybrid NA NA
XD D1 Series Model# Version# Remark
XD-16 Pro9 XD-16 Pro9 NA NA
XD-16 Pro9-V XD-16 Pro9-V NA NA
XD-16 Pro v.44 Updated 4/1/2012
XD-4X v.29 Updated 4/1/2012
XD-4 v.29 Updated 4/1/2012
iD Series Model# Version# Remark
iD-16 iD-16 NA NA
iD-8 iD-8 NA NA
iD-4 iD-4 NA NA
HD Series Model# Version# Remark
HD-32 Pro v.44 Updated 4/1/2012
HD-16 Pro v.29 Updated 4/1/2012
HD-8 Pro v.29 Updated 4/1/2012
HD-8X v.29 Updated 4/1/2012
HD-8 v.29 Updated 4/1/2012


ARCHIVES Model# Version# Remark
HD-116 (EOL) HD-116 v.97 (final) Discontinued 2010
HD-108 (EOL) HD-108 v.97 (final) Discontinued 2009
HD-104 (EOL) HD-104 v.97 (final) Discontinued 2009
HL-104 (EOL) HL-104 v.97 (final) Discontinued 2009
HL-624 (EOL) HL-624 v.13 (final) Discontinued 2009